Parco Delle Madonie ... A tour among nature, medieval villages, religious and much more ...

B&B Twenty Miles
It occupies a strategic position on the hills of the Madonie Park. An excellent starting point to allow our guests to reach the major cities of Sicily rich in history, and to stroll among the artistic treasures, the historic buildings, the restaurants and the characteristic local markets of the Sicilian capital. You can also visit Cefalu' and its splendid sea situated only 35 minutes away from our hotel by car; visit our villages, parks and discover sports activities like riding or cycling through the park's paths.


The b&b Twenty Miles is the perfect location to spend a memorable Holiday with all the comforts, services and the atmosphere of a private home. Moreover its position offers a pleasant atmosphere, recommended foe relaxing in the open air and enjoying the sun of Sicily.

 The "Parco delle Madonie" is one of the geoparks recognized by Unesco in 2015. The Unesco geoparks are single and unified geographical areas where geological sites and landscapes are managed with the purpose of conservation, environmental education and sustainable development.



-Equipped kitchen

-Coffee and tea


-Hairdryer and bathroom kit

-Washing machine


- WiFi free

- Air conditioning 

- Board games
- Large outdoor parking
- Shuttle service to and from the airport (surcharge)
- Luggage storage
- Tourist info
- Smoking and non-smoking rooms

- they are rented: car, bikes electric


It will also be a common place but it is true that Sicily is a sunny, warm and picturesque land, as only the regions of Southern Italy know how to be.
 The people immediately ready to pamper you and spoil you, the places that seem to come from a dream and then the sun ... warm and wonderful, able to transmit an immense joy. A holiday in Sicily fills your soul.
According to many it is always a spectacular region, but in the summer season it gives the best of itself, showing off breathtaking beaches and coves; as well as its parks, Etna, an always active volcano that Mother Nature has kindly given her.
 For years its prestigious position has attracted grand peoples like Arabs, Saracens, Byzantines, Romans and Normans, or even Spaniards, French; each of them has left an indelible mark on culture and traditions.
Just 49 kilometers from our structure in Buonfornello, you can enjoy a pristine beach or a few more miles you can go to the charming Cefalù, a town known throughout the world.

Discover the typical dishes and products, cheeses and cured meats, desserts and wines of Sicilian cuisine with a journey into the Madonie gastronomy.

 Sicily and its flavours
Discover the typical dishes and products, cheeses and cured meats, desserts and wines of Sicilian cuisine with a journey into the Madonie gastronomy.
 The phenomenon of food and wine tourism on the Madonie has undergone a very significant increase over the last few years. The interest in cheeses and other typical products, together with the growing curiosity towards local gastronomic traditions, have initiated a process of profound change in the tourist choices of the Sicilians and not only of them, who increasingly visit these places able to offer a winning mix of art, culture and gastronomy.
Sicilian cuisine is the expression of culinary art developed in Sicily since ancient times and is closely linked to the historical, cultural and religious events of the island. From the time of ancient Greece in Sicily a very precise style of culinary habits was developing which over the centuries has been enriched with new flavours and new dishes, following the historical vicissitudes of the Mediterranean island.
It is therefore a regional gastronomic culture that shows traces and contributions of all the cultures that have settled in Sicily in the last two millennia, handed down from generation to generation as well as in the literary field, which explains why some recipes, of very ancient origin, they are still prepared and served at the table frequently.
It may be said that the Sicilian cuisine is a reason for recognition and a common identity for Sicilians and, in modern times, a reason of tourist attraction. With the effect of emigration abroad, this cuisine has been exported to many localities, far from the homeland.
Complex and complex, Sicilian cuisine is often considered the richest in specialties and the most scenic in Italy. Some of the most well-known foods, widespread not only regionally but even globally, are the "Sicilian cassata", "the iris", "the Sicilian cannolo", "the granita" and "the arancini". Thanks to its mild climate, the island is rich in spices and aromatic plants as origano, mint, rosemary. They are part of the Sicilian condiments every day. The fertile soil produces large quantities of oranges and lemons. Almonds, prickly pear, pistachio and olives are other culinary symbols in which the island excels.

Twenty Miles in Castellana Sicula it is the ideal destination for sport activities

Twenty Miles in Castellana Sicula is the ideal destination for sport activities. Twenty Miles has a lot to offer its guests. In this case the location of the house is of great importance.

Indeed, it is located at the "Center" of Sicily, in the Province of Palermo, known by all for its climatic conditions, it is no coincidence that it is considered "the door" of the "Parco delle Madonie", relaxing walks along panoramic paths leading up to 1500 meters high, allow to combine the needs of practitioners, with the extreme beauty and variety of the landscape and the smoothness of the practicable paths.

The park is fascinating in every season and its paths offer unique landscapes. Because of its geological features, the park is included in the UNESCO list of European geoparks.

The activities that can be carried out are countless: from horse riding to trekking.

Just a few kilometers from the hotel, with its 200 km of nature trails, which go from Petralia to the sea, they also offer an area equipped with acrobatic routes, mountain bike tracks, surrounded by uncontaminated nature of the mountain.

The naturalistic plant is equipped with seven “nature” trails that meet the needs of both: the youngest and people with years of experience. The visitor can compete with exciting acrobatic routes in height, exciting mountain bike trails, sensational routes tactile, orientation races and naturalistic excursions: experiencing nature in a territory to be discovered, during the summer. During winter, Piano Battaglia becomes a renowned ski resort perfect for skiing, snowbord and snowshoeing.




- 1 person € 35/40 per night



Check-in: 15.30 - 22.00

Check-out 8.00 - 11-00

Early check-in: 20% daily fare

Late ceck-out: 20% daily fare.



Children up to three years in bed with parents: free
Children from 4 to 8 years 50% discount
Children from 9 years: adult rate

Addition of cot € 10,00

Linen change € 10,00 for person.


where we are

B&B Twenty Miles

Via Monte S. Salvatore, 85

Castellana Sicula  (PA)

Tel. +39 339 4050361 - +39 340 3322759


OFFER:  7 night for two people 20% discount

- From Palermo: A19 PA/CT motorway exit at Tremonzelli,  for Castellana Sicula 14,3 km

- From Catania: A19 CT/PA motorway exit atTremonzelli, for Castellana Sicula 14,3 km

Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti